The Blue Hour


The Blue Hour, group exhibition curated by Kimberly Phillips, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, CA

06 April – 24 June, 2018

Documentation below + exhibition text here + review by Robin Laurence here.

.Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_01_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_02_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_03_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_04_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_05_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_06_editted.jpg

Colin Miner_Blue Hour_CAG_2018_07_editted.jpg



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