The fugitive and cyclical are ongoing departure points for Colin Miner, whose practice takes form through assemblage, composition, and duration. Recent solo exhibitions include La Datcha (Berlin) and 8eleven (Toronto). His work has been part of group exhibitions at The Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), 2nd Kamias Triennial (Quezon City), and the Beijing Center of Art (Beijing). Miner has been an artist in residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), Tambopata Research Center (Peru), and Sloth Island (Guyana). Ongoing projects include Moire, a digital publication, and the experimental exhibition space Moire’s catwalk.



A Photographic Ontology: Being Haunted within the Blue Hour and Expanding Field
PhD dissertation - Visual Arts (2014)

What are the current boundaries of the photographic and how can an ontology of photography take form as a material and conceptual program of research? Responding to the difficulty inherent in any definitive attempt to grasp photography, this dissertation places emphasis on the less determined act of evoking as a model of dialogue, and engagement, with the photographic. Composed of two parts that engage both the question “What is photography?” and the ontological anxiety that shadows it.

Moire & Moire’s Catwalk
collaborative digital artist project

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