I found an interesting quote the other day by Jens Hoffmann, which reads:

“Having curators line up to present concepts in front of a board is like asking an artist to come up to a podium and speak about their work instead of looking at the pieces themselves.”

This leads me to consider my present situation and the first line from Jackie Maybe’s writing on my work within the Green catalogue:  “I walk into a crowded room and crash into absence.” 

So, what happens when you can’t find the work?

I guess that’s a question we will have to navigate together.

(Text read as the introduction for my MFA exhibition and paper presentation)

Exhibition at The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (Vancouver, 2007) with catalogue, including forward text by Ken Lum “Untitled, Titled, and Entitled” & essay on my work by Jacqueline Mabey “(Maybe if we stand absolutely still, no one will notice us.)”. PDF

Installation views. Polyurethane casts and paint.
Short video of “the dungeon”, ABC Photo basement (West 4th Ave, Vancouver).