Bringing together disparate works and converging lines of inquiry, Two Toed Lassitudecomes together as a composition, an ever-changing assemblage, growing and evolving through associations, assonances and absence. Much like the ways tiny polyps form coral or trees become a forest, the works shift and expand through proximity to one another, building density of meaning where the political becomes visible through the absent, cyclical and askew. This is the way Miner works, cropping out part of an older work and reconfiguring it in a new context, returning to an idea from a different point of view, inverting scale and colour, making movement imperceptibly slow, transforming objects that were once slack to be rigid and allowing stiffness to slump. The works become scaffolding to expansive ideas that layer materials and metaphors as a way to point to something overlooked or forgotten. Created over a series of residencies – Banff, Peru and the Bruce Peninsula – the works weave an unfolding understanding of the natural world with one that is temporarily arrested through imagery, allowing for slowed and lassitudinous way of looking.

- Curator Leila Timmins

Solo Exhibition at 8eleven, Toronto, 2017

Essay “Your Own Eye” by Leila Timmins PDF

Installation views.  Neons; reactive dye print on silk; polymerized gypsum, inkjet print, cast silver, analine dye, stone, tape; paint; inkjet prints; HD video, gold iPad mini; zink prints; cast bronze, nail; c-print, Dibond, spray paint, silicone ear plugs; cast bronze, mat board, inkjet print, tape; HD video, isolant foam, foil tape.