the illuminated becoming blind

An arrangement of work evoking the blue hour, the twilight between day and night. The haunted and anxious nature of the blue hour rests within the photographic like a shimmering cloak of silver. Miner’s artistic practice explores the fundamental elements of photography through oblique references to its rarely seen reference points, including the spaces of its production. The photographs, assemblages, and video works in the exhibition investigate the material and conceptual nature of photography. Essential to this investigation is a consideration of the qualities of lightness, darkness, reflection, and refraction. In asking what photography is, Miner's work proposes a conversation based on relations of the anxious, cyclical, and askew.

Solo exhibition at The McIntosh Gallery (London (CA), 2013) with essays by Trevor Mahovsky “Behind the sky” PDF, & Jacqueline Mabey “Corpse, Corps, Corpus: Evan A Camera Has A Body” PDF.

Installation views. HD videos, silver gelatin contact prints, colour photogram, silver gelatin print, Dibond, wood, push-pins, corkboard, paint, wax, dye, isolant foam, and vinyl wall text. Titles with images of available light #1-39 works PDF.