The man, who day after day, took pictures of shadows

A while ago that still feels recent, I learned to walk with a cat. We followed many paths, like methodologies, which often offered long waits for things that would not appear.

Alongside, my eyes began looking for birds, an occupation that came naturally. Colour, form, movement, and specific qualities of relations proposed comparisons to be translated through depictions in books.

Familiar with looking for details in contrast to positions of movement, my eyes became disciplined on stillness.

Having trained them to see birds, my eyes turned curious for cats. And so, walking with one cat lead to a lot of walking looking for cats. Previously there appeared not to be many cats
                                                                                                            and now, many many cats.

The works in this exhibition draw from lithography plate images and moiré patterns to create conversations with cats that have crossed my path while going for walks — catwalks. Exhibition at Open Studios (Toronto, 2018) developed through the Visiting Artist Residency, and with technical + production assistance from Pudy Tong.

Installation views. Variable photo-litho plates, inkjet prints, cast bronze, feathers, wood, pipe cleaners, tape, and tack-it.