shameful compromises/schändliche kompromisse

Look at that feral pig rooting for pixels. What do they want? A few apples or acorns, the odd image, and many histories become unearthed and exposed to light. Like concepts waiting to be tossed up and overturned, as if doing so will give passage from mind to material. At times, their labour is anxious and peppered with long periods between forest and garden. Exactly what they are looking for is a question. We can only see that they are in the act of doing something. It is hard to know what lies under the surface even slightly and especially deeply, in that cool and dark dampness. But we can hold onto the certainty of moving—to the practice of poking, prying, searching, and roaming about—as an adaptable way of being that offers scattered remnants of presence and positions. Wallowing in the mud, we find things assembled in places they never belonged.

Solo exhibition & residency at La Datcha (Berlin, 2019) with digital artist publication (english + german translation). PDF

Installation views. Zink prints, tarp print, reactive dye print on fabric, raku pottery smoke tray, clay casts, garden wire, incense, grommets and eber pils.