the clearest image

This project explores disturbance regimes and possible methodologies for disrupting systems of control. It questions how meaning is created through the contextualization of images, and investigates how their contents and associated impacts can be visible and absent at the same time.

The boar’s practice of rooting and wallowing mirrors Miner’s interest in shifting and disturbing patterns and systems, as the artist seeks a visual language through which to articulate the responsibility of engaging with images. Through an arrangement, Miner explores the impact of conceptual and physical displacement, such as patterns of migration—both willing and unwilling. In addition to troubling images, the exhibition includes sculpture, film/video, architectural intervention, and textile work to create a space of refuge in the context of migration. Moving through pathways created in the gallery space, viewers are invited to rest and wallow.

Solo exhibition at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemprary Photography, Tkaronto.
April 11 - May 27, 2023. 

Publication & Project Text by Laura Demers - PDF
Exhibition Text by Lilian O’Brien Davis - PDF
Interview with Weiyi Chang & Colin Miner - Podcast
Exhibition Walkthrough - Video
Exhibition Digital Project - Website
Review/Experimental Text by Jonathan Scott - Web Text

Installation views. Fabric print, neon, cast bronze, silver gelatin prints, HD video, ceramic figure, brooms, architectural interventions.